Earth Is Tipsy! Pole-Wobble Effect

3:27am, 2/18/2016

It’s almost like a roller coaster in a subtle way. Gravity isn’t stable. Things keep shifting. My body can tell. I can’t sleep, wide awake with alertness. I feel as if the world could be turned upside down at any moment. If a great quake began to rumble, I wouldn’t be surprised. When I rise to stand and begin to walk, there’s a slight dizziness. Things are spinning. 

I’ve discovered something monumental. I can prove the poles are wobbling, as predicted. Earth is tipsy… 

Last week, I installed Sky Chart on my phone, in a quest to identify some bright stars that turned out to be Venus and Mercury. 


Today, I turned on the app and realized the orbital path of the sun (the red line) is WAY off! A similar distortion to the predicted effects of pole-wobble.

I’m tracking the images throughout the night, since I obviously can’t sleep. The orbit is beginning to regress to it’s morning position. Once the screenshot images are complete, you’ll be able to observe the great variance. The orbit, and the horizon point of the sun, is getting pushed far left, and then it retreats right for the rising sun. I’m facing east for all trials. My position has been identical. 


10:04am, 2/18/2016

So I captured various screenshots throughout the night, up until the current hour of 10am. The timestamp for each image is located in the top right corner. From this study, it may be concluded that, (A) the horizon point of the sun is drastically migrating both left and right of true east (notice the small “E” on most of the maps, in relation to the red line. It should not be deviating away from east.) And, (B) the wobble is evidently occurring; in the evening, the sun’s orbit leans to the left, but in the morning, the orbit leans to the right! It should be constant! The sun is no longer following it’s old orbit, and it no longer rises or sets where it used to.

For those of you who are not familiar with pole-wobble and pole shift, check out Nancy Lieder’s video diagram, above. Take her own predictions as you will, but the visual depiction of the mechanics of pole-wobble are accurate.

This is my current sun, a bright, unforgiving ball of blinding, white hot light. The position has been high noon for the past hour or so… even though it’s only 10:30am here. Also, they’re clearly desperate to conceal any suspicious phenomena by pumping HAARP waves into these clouds. 

Remember, HAARP clouds are not natural. They’re driven by projected frequencies in the atmosphere. Yes, they really do shoot various electromagnetic frequencies into the sky to manipulate weather. Check out this satellite image depicting LF waves rippling cloud coverage, in addition to some telling HAARP action I caught here in Lima a few months back.

They’ve been pulling the wool over our eyes for a while, but the curtains to their charades are falling. You may hide what I see but my body knows otherwise. 

My stomach feels like it’s been subjected to a swirling carnival ride. Queasy and upset, as my body feels oh so warm, from the inside out, the heat inescapable. And yes, I’m still a plump fruit because of Planet X’s contributions to gravity. (Read my previous post, Why Planet X Is Making Me Fat.)  


I also feel as if I sense the slightest tremors, as if earthquakes are due to pass… the Earth is not at peace. She’s being flung all over the place…

I encourage readers to download Star Chart and follow the wobble effect with me. Maybe someone who is computer savvy can even plug the altered orbits into a simulation for us. The planet is definitely tipping back and forth… I’m surprised we still have the Internet! It feels like everything could collapse at a moment’s notice…

If those who believe the event will occur in March are correct, be prepared for three days of darkness, as Planet X passes through the sky and eclipses the sun. If and when that occurs, that’s your cue to bunker down or bug out.

That’s all for now. Let’s keep an eye on the drastic wobble, because they sure as hell won’t disclose this phenomena to us. 

Stay safe, keep your head up and your eyes open. If anything, remember to trust your intuition. Listen to the guidance. From above, and within. 

Kara Nova

18 February 2016



5 thoughts on “Earth Is Tipsy! Pole-Wobble Effect

  1. 21 feb 2016 @ 17.11 been feeling like you since last night, now its sunday, am feeling really poorly had lunch in bed what bit i could stomach dizziness room spinning nausea and feeling of bloated now have been out for past 15 years with telescope and i know i am not crazy, but the man in the moon is on his side and skewed some people say the moon has tilted and from our perspective it has, but the truth is the earth is permanently on its side giving a funny view of the moon and night sky,yep they have screwed us good, by not telling us and asking for our help,!!


  2. I too have been experiencing these symptoms, I’ve nearly fallen a number of times this week. Also I’ve noticed that the sun is setting later than usual for this time of year, well after 6 and none of my outdoor temp. sensors match the the local temps. I have three all blocked from direct sun and all 10 degrees plus higher, its Feb. and all my bulbs are coming up like late March?? I’m also feeling these tremors and haven’t slept in weeks a friend and I were talking last night and both agree something feels very wrong, like something is about to snap! Glad to have found similar observations, was beginning to feel like a nut..Maybe I’ll wish I was!


    1. The temperature sensors are above average because the planet itself it warming from the inside out; the core is being heated. My sun is way out of whack again- just this morning it was at high noon… at 9am! More evidence has been popping up left and right, and the footage is irrefutable at this point. Check out Steve Olson’s YouTube channel and you’ll see what I mean… Wherever you are, stay safe and prepare the best you can! God bless!


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