Black Holes, Time Warps, & Planet X? Or, Why Didn’t I Take The Blue Pill! 

Typically I postpone publishing articles until I’ve collected enough thorough research to support my theories and claims. Like the hermit, OCD sleuth that I am, my procedure includes examining various sources from all arenas, then picking and weaving the common lines of truth into a coherent web of proposed reality. 

Well, I’ve been stewing on this concept for the past week or so, and I’m not making any breakthroughs. Perhaps if I share my trail of breadcrumbs, we may collectively see if there’s something at the end of this path…

I shall begin by letting you in on a little secret. Most of the time, when anything mainstream gets published, it’s a half-truth or spun information (spun as in, biased to support an agenda). I’ve been examining the half-truths, or the slow disclosures of information. Like when they really want to tell us something big, but they hide the truth in a series of articles that get slowly released over a period of weeks or months. It’s a method of conditioning, prepping, familiarizing… so that when the truth does creep out of the woodwork, all hell doesn’t completely break lose. Or perhaps they are indeed laying breadcrumbs for investigators like myself to assemble… I hope you all realize nearly 90% of all the major outlets are owned by the same folks in power. Meaning, the stories that are told, and how they are told, is completely controlled. Everything from the news, scientific articles, business reports… you know what they want you to know.  

But if you read in between the lines, sometimes an alternate narrative comes to life. 

If you have read my former posts, you know that I study chemtrails, HAARP, the deep state operations, the transhumanist and nanotech agendas, the surveillance state. Add in morgellons, EMFs, mind control, “cancer.” I’m not here to report my findings on these topics. The journey down the rabbit hole is too deep. 

I want to talk about Planey X and black holes. 

I came across a quote the other day, which brilliantly expresses how the truth is concealed. They wrap conspiracies inside conspiracies, so we can’t tell which is which! Hiding the truth in plain sight… 

First, Planet X. It, or something, is up there. I’m convinced, as I shared in Why Planet X Is Making Me Fat.” There is a startling number of people documenting the same strange phenomena and sharing their footage online, on YouTube. Steve Olson has been compiling viewer submissions on his channel. I mean, it’s just naive to dismiss the fact that so many people are documenting the same unknown objects in space and in the sky. Again, I’m not here to show you a million photos to prove my point. View Steve’s uploads for the past month, or do a simple search for recent uploads of “Planet X,” “Nibiru,” “second sun,” “two suns,” etc. A good researcher needs to do their own homework. 

I want to delve into my curiosity. Essentially, 

Could a black hole be related to Planet X?

Is Planet X a black hole? Is Planet X a cover for a black hole? Do the objects of the Planet X system accompany a black hole? 

The questions began after coming across such “news” and “scientific articles.”

(1) “What Would Happen If Earth Fell Into A Black Hole?” 

(I mean, why is someone even writing about this to begin with? Are you trying to tell me something?! Anyways, to continue.)

“Interestingly, black holes are not necessarily black. Quasars – objects at the hearts of distant galaxies powered by black holes – are supremely bright. They can readily outshine the rest of their host galaxy combined. Such radiation is generated when the black hole is feasting on new material. To be clear: this material is still outside the event horizon which is why we can still see it. Below the event horizon is where nothing, not even light, can escape. As all the matter piles up from the feast, it will glow. It is this glow that is seen when observers look at quasars.

But this is a problem for anything orbiting (or near) a black hole, as it is very hot indeed. Long before we would be spaghettified, the sheer power of this radiation would fry us. 

What life would look like on such a world (assuming its not too close to get spaghettified, of course) is another matter. The amount of power received by the planet would probably be tiny compared to what Earth receives from the Sun. And the overall environment of such a planet could be equally bizzare.” (1)

(2) “Black holes are a passage to another universe, says Stephen Hawking”

Humans could escape from black holes, rather than getting stuck in them, according to a new theory proposed by Stephen Hawking.

Unfortunate space travellers won’t be able to return to their own universe, … But they will be able to escape somewhere else, he has proposed at a conference in Stockholm. 

“The existence of alternative histories might be possible, … The hole would need to be large and if it was rotating it might have a passage to another universe. But you couldn’t come back to our universe. So although I’m keen on space flight, I’m not going to try that.”

Hawking’s proposal is an attempt to answer a problem that has tormented physicists about what happens to things when they go beyond the event horizon, where even light can’t get back. The information about the object has to be preserved, scientists believe, even if the thing itself is swallowed up — and that paradox has puzzled scientists for decades.

Now Hawking has proposed that the information is stored on the boundary, at the event horizon. That means that it never makes its way into the black hole, and so never needs to make its way out again either.

That would also mean that humans might not disappear if they fall into one. They’d either stay as a “hologram” on the edge, or fall out somewhere else.

“If you feel you are in a black hole, don’t give up,” he told the audience at the end of his speech. “There’s a way out.” (2) 

I have to jump in for some commentary on this one. “The existence of alternative histories might be possible, … it might have a passage to another universe.” Well fuck me! Alternative histories and other universes! No shit, Hawking, you don’t say?! 

Do the alternative histories explain the Mandela Effect?! 



The Mandela Effect is a phenomena in which mass amounts of people have different memories. For example, in the photos above, some groups of people remember this children’s book being spelled “Berenstein” and others recall “Berenstain.” Additionally, in “Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back” (1980), some fans recall the famous quote by Darth Vader, “Luke, … I am your father!”

I challenge anyone to find that quote in any existing “Star Wars” footage. 

But I know you won’t, because it was never spoken that way in this universe. It’s a memory from another timeline. 

Am I melting your brain yet? Good- I ‘mise well heat things up before the radiation or black holes get to us. Let’s dive back into more “news” and “science.” How about the recently “discovered” proof of gravitational waves?!

“[Scientists] define a gravitational wave as a ripple in the very fabric of time and space that is produced by massive objects such as stars and planets.

 A gravitational wave is created whenever an object with considerable mass accelerates. The movement causes the space around the object to distort and create ripples. For such a wave to be detectable, it has to be produced by supermassive objects, such as a pair of black holes or two hefty neutron stars that move around each other.” (3)

“According to researchers at the Advanced Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO), the transient gravitational-wave signal they recorded saw a frequency sweep from 35 to 250 Hertz, with a waveform consistent with those modelled from Einstein’s theory of general relativity.” (4) 

“VIRGO is sensitive to gravitational waves in a wide frequency range, from 10 to 10,000 Hz. This should allow the detection of gravitational radiation caused by the coalescence of binary systems (stars or black holes), pulsars and those produced by supernovae in the milky way and in outer galaxies, for instance from the Virgo cluster, hence the name of the project.” (5)  


Curiously, I found it interesting that (A), VIRGO is a project of the European Gravitational Observatory (aka EGO), and (B), it is intended to monitor gravitational radiation from many sources like, oh, you know, “for instance from the Virgo cluster.” Just, “for instance.” Not saying there’s anything there, folks! But… yes we are monitoring it… 


Why is the Virgo cluster relevant? Well, Planet X, Nibiru, Wormwood, the Red Dragon… whatever you like to call it, and whatever it may be… it is supposed to approach from, or pass through, the Virgo system. I examined a bit of history in the former post, Why Planet X Is Making Me Fat.”   

I want to take this moment to share some interesting and relevant insight: Dave Morello, Part 1/2 and Dave Morello, Part 2/2. (6) In these videos, Dave considers the same questions that I myself am pondering… and he was thinking about this back in 2012! Granted, I realize four years have passed, but entertain his ideas on black holes, time dilation, and Nibiru…

Allow me to gravitate to the topic of a Planet X. 

Within the past few weeks, scientists have discovered a ninth planet, or potentially discovered, or they think that something is maybe out there. You know how it is with NASA- Never A Straight Answer.

“‘Planet Nine’ May Exist: New Evidence for Another World in Our Solar System” (7) 

Caltech Researchers Find Evidence of a Real Ninth Planet” (8)

So… did you find it or not?! The object, which may, or may not, exist, is also described as having 10 times the mass of Earth and a long, eliptical orbit, which has been modeled to look like this: 

 (Image Source: Dark Sky Diary)

To compare, the fabled Planet X is predicted to have a similar mass, much greater than Earth’s, with an orbit that is assumed to look like this: 

 (Image Source: The Long Road to Planet X, Carnegie Science)

They just flippin’ flipped the image!  


And Planet 9 would be Planet 10 (aka Planet X) if they hadn’t kicked Pluto out of the club! Do you realize, 

“Although Pluto was previously considered the ninth planet, it was demoted to “dwarf planet” status about a decade ago, as it possesses different characteristics than the other major planets of the solar system. The charge to demote Pluto was led by the same scientists who announced the possibility of Planet Nine’s existence.” (9) 



They’re seriously banking on the fact that no one is paying attention, but I myself, and maybe 3 other people, know what’s up. I’m hoping my efforts will increase the level of awareness. 

This is relevant because they’ve been lying to us for quite some time. Human-induced climate change is bullshit! So many unexplained, strange phenomena can be traced to Planet X… I’m not here to list them all. Check out this video to explore The Nibiru Effect in under seven minutes (accompanied by the awesome soundtrack of “Blinded By The Light” by Manfred Mann.)


Exploring, again, the gravitational disturbances of Planet X,

“[Scientists] have spotted the potential planet by seeing the disturbances that it is causing in the gravitational field of the far star system. There appears to be a “great perturber” upsetting the movement of other objects in that far away region, and the new paper — authored by Michael Brown and Konstantin Batygin and published in the Astronomical Journal — claims that is being caused by a mysterious, unknown world.” (10) 

I know I’ve been dragging you, dear readers, through the wringer. Black holes (which I’ll get back to in a moment- joy!), alternative universes, planetary cover-ups and lies… this is just how my mind works. Absorbing all possibilities, investigating every angle, weaving a larger picture of our truths and reality. Or realities. Because I remember the quote being, “Luke, I am your father!”


Chemtrails and HAARP. I have, up until this point, been an ardent activist against geoengineering, against spraying toxic metals into the sky and bombarding them with targeted HAARP electromagnetic frequencies. I have been caught up in the anti-elite, anti-eugenics, anti-New World Order movements, striving to expose the covert crimes against humanity. 

But like I said earlier, the best place to hide a conspiracy is in bed with other conspiracies. Not to say these other things aren’t occurring- they clearly are. BUT, they are skewing our priorities by getting us all worked up about the Illuminati and vaccines while in the meantime A GIANT DOOMSDAY PLANET IS ABOUT TO ROCK EARTH!

I hate chemtrails and HAARP. I suffer from severely acute chemical sensitivy. My body can’t detox as quickly as others, and my immune system is hypersensitive. It’s a gift and a curse. I can sense what’s bad, but if I can’t protect myself, on most days I’m like: 


I’ve managed to escape the chemicals, but I’m still electromagnetically hypersensitive (EHS), a condition which, I’m beginning to believe, has been induced by HAARP. 

I’ve studied allergies. When the body is overexposed to a given compound, and simultaneously stressed, it will develop an allergy to said compound. Though EMFs aren’t compounds like a peanut, they still emit a frequency which can trigger a hyperreactive immune response. See my last post, Invisible Demons Are Killing Us And That’s Not Okay,” for more specific information about EMFs and electromagnetic sensitivity.

My theory about EMF-related illness and HAARP is too complex to shove into this post. I’ll have to set this kettle on the backburner for now… but there’s certainly a connection!

I bring up my health because, for years, I’ve wished for nothing more than the Earthly manipulations to stop. I just want it all to go back to how it was, how it used to be. Before…

I have come to the unfortunate realization that, well, it’s most likely not going to stop. Aw, who am I kidding. It’s not going to stop. Not until things get even worse, at least…

Chemtrails sometimes make us ill, intentionally, to weaken the population so we won’t storm the elite’s bunkers and safe havens with full strength, when the time comes. But chemtrails are mostly, now, obscuring our clear vision of the skies. They’re hiding the show. We won’t know what’s coming until it hits us. 

HAARP, I believe, is reinforcing our compromised and weakened magnetic field. I don’t think it’s weather warfare, directed earthquakes, etc. Sure, those applications exist… but right now it’s all about Planet X. I know these are not the answers that activists want to hear. We want to blame the elite and go after them with torches and pitchforks but, consider for a moment, 

You know there is something big headed towards Earth, and no man or country holds any power to stop it. Would you tell the people?

We won’t be told anything until they can no longer hide it, and by then, it will be too late. 


I wanted to write about black holes and now I’m lamenting over the tragedy of it all… But I haven’t satisfied my curiosity with the black hole, alternative timeline, space/time dilation thing so, jumping back on the physics train,

“Wild Theory: 5-Dimensional Black Holes Could Break Laws of Physics-

Well, in a four-dimensional universe, the singularity — the point in the black hole’s center where gravity is so intense that general relativity breaks down — remains hidden behind the event horizon. But in a five-dimensional universe, once that black string breaks into a series of mini black holes, the singularity is visible to the outside world. In theory, an observer could see physics break down before his or her own eyes, a thought that makes any scientist cringe. 

Of course there’s little chance that scientists will be observing a “black ring” anytime soon. So why study these oddities? Certain cutting-edge theories do suggest that there are many more dimensions that scientists (and everyone else) can’t perceive. So perhaps a black ring actually formed some of the many black holes astronomers do observe.” (11)

Everyone keeps talking about the fifth dimension. The Hopi legends dictate that we are currently living in the fourth world and will soon transition into the fifth. From the perspective of physics, we live in a four-dimensional reality- the fourth dimension being time. So what is this fifth dimension, the transcendence of time? Of a physical plane? To re-examine Hawking’s theory from earlier, regarding falling into a black hole. Because, you know, shit happens– getting caught in the rain, stepping in puddles, falling into black holes…

“That would also mean that humans might not disappear if they fall into one. They’d either stay as a “hologram” on the edge, or fall out somewhere else.” 


Holographic theory. Well, if my understanding of the tarus and morphogenetic fields is correct, perhaps we reach the event horizon of this physical dimension, only to become one with the morphogenic field of our galaxy or our universe. Perhaps this is what they call returning to source, becoming one, ascention, transcendence, the fifth dimension. Maybe it’s just, ceasing to be a particle and existing only as a wave. Light energy, photonic quantum information in a quantum dimension where time does not exist.  



Everything has a morphogenetic field, and each is a part of the greater. Individual and collective, the microcosm and the macrocosm. The fields of our blood cells are a component of the fields of our bodies, the fields of our bodies are a component of the fields of Earth, the fields of Earth are a component of the fields of the Milky Way- everything is a part of everything else. One big Russian doll. Because time has no reign in the fifth dimension, all that has been, is now, and will be, exists simultaneously.  


Maybe it will be exactly like the movie “Interstellar.” Maybe they were trying to tell us something, like so many other movies and shows…

The “black ring” black hole theory, mentioned above, considers multiple timelines being born from a single timeline. Essentially, the ring spinning or accelerating (or vibrating, anyone?) to such a degree, that the ring-shape begins to morph, subsequently creating pockets, or bubbles, that eventually separate from the former ring, giving rise to independent singularities- and multiple timelines of reality? 


I want to share some interesting insight I came across recently. These are merely the proposals of an individual, but I had never encountered this idea before- an idea which seems to resonate with quite a few other concepts that I’ve presented today. To quote, at length, 

“Firstly, the Cosmological model. Keely and Russells ‘Theory of a Musical Universe’ is by far the closest Cosmology model to being accurate. The ‘big bang theory’ is so horribly wrong that it is laughable once you understand the true nature of our universe. There is no expansion, only resistance to the Universal constant (gravity) within a layer of the ‘motion/energy’ temporal density sphere, which gives the ‘illusion’ of expansion due to our perspective from within our current field density…

Crop-circles have also been telling us this was about to happen for a long time now. 

So basically, Nibiru is the centre of the galaxy. A black hole, is basically a concentration of energy and motion which draws things down to the ‘Axiom field’ level density, which is far below our perceivable ‘matter’ reality. 

I am still working to understand the science of exactly what happens when we reach this level. But I believe that for a majority of us lacking certain cell programming, this is bad. The rest (theoretically) should be ok. I am pretty sure that quantum particles and dacar rays will blend at this point in a reaction that will create a type of ‘phase inversion’ that will most likely breakdown and reassemble in polarity, all subsequent motion/energy and therefore mass, instantaneously. Most likely scenario is those with the conscious abilities to survive such a reversal would exit an opposing point in the reverse (dual) sphere of our universe in much a reverse pattern of how we entered. [Though] it would very likely be with a much colder star (next ice age), as exiting energy would be forced to once again expand through motion. 

This is all, of course considering, that the blackhole significantly manages to absorb energy it’s ripping from our sun during this course. There is the very real possibility that we will all die before hitting the black hole from collision with celestial bodies or meteors, or the sun cooking us. 

On Dec 21st 2012 we passed our galactic plane at our closest orbit to the centre of the universe. Although on this pass we were close enough to centre that we stopped orbiting in the safe region of our galaxy and were pulled in just enough to enter the ‘outbound’ vortex of the galactic spiral. 

Think of it like this… A pirate movie on TV and there is a massive ‘whirlpool which is sucking in ships. A ship circles around this slowly .. slowly .. Until it hits the lip/edge or ‘slip plane’ of the whirlpool. When it does this is begins its rapid decent towards the black hole in the middle. 

Our solar system did 7 cycles around the outside in the ‘safe’ zone .. We have now entered the 3 cycles of ‘circling the drain’. 

I have MOUNTAINS of evidence to support this I have found in all historical texts, from all religions. But the easiest and most effective evidence to give you is the crop circles. So here you go.


I believe over the next 50ish years you can expect; Sun will continue to get cooler as energy is drawn into our galactic vortex more rapidly. More sunspots facing away from Earth (tears ripped in surface of sun, escaping energy), weaker geomagnetism (HAARP is designed to replicate inflation to support our ionospheric shield as long as possible). Time change (exponential already measured as happening on other planets), Increased heat on all planets (already happening), Poles will exponentially move towards each other under the massive gravitational pull (already happening), exponential increase in natural disasters (already happening), cyptochrome dependent animals will die out in order of their magnetic sensitivity from imbalance in magnetic fields caused by strengthening pull (already happening) as the poles are pulled together, more meteorites from the denser space (already happening), planets will get ‘brighter’ in our sky as they are drawn in towards us (already happening).” (12) 


Take the last account as you will. It’s not an “official” publication or a “scholarly” article. But when our supposedly reputable and respectable “scientists” *coughHawkingcough* can’t be trusted to confirm the sky is blue and the grass is green, when we can clearly see it with our own eyes, well- that’s when I like to consider all sources of information. Even random internet threads from strangers, because anything is potentially possible at this point.    


To quote one of my favorite fictional characters of all time, the brilliant and insane Walter Bishop of “Fringe,”  

“My dear, I’m not certain that you’re not simply a figment of my imagination.”

 To be continued… 


Kara Nova 

27 February 2016  

*** *** ***


“Rabbit Hole 2.0, Decoding the Puzzle”

*** *** ***


(1) “What Would Happen If Earth Fell Into A Black Hole?”

(2) “Black holes are a passage to another universe, says Stephen Hawking”

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(12)  “If you thought the Mayans were wrong (with their calender), they weren’t. And Nibiru IS coming.”


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