Alice’s Jewels: A Guide Down The Rabbit Hole

I present to you a page of resources I have accumulated during my studies. 

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To begin, a presentation by John Moore on Planet X, 1 hour in length. Link:

“John Moore, has conducted exhaustive interviews and studies with countless military and government individuals regarding Planet X, AKA Nibiru, who confirm that Planet X, our solar system’s 10th planet, does exist and will cause tremendous devastation when it next passes by earth.

John lists numerous high ranking government officials who have confirmed Planet X exists, and that many coastal government agencies are building replacement headquarters much further inland to avoid having their existing coastal headquarters damaged by the impending coastal flooding.

Planet X or ‘Nibiru’, a term made popular by Sumerian tablet translators, is in reality a red dwarf star that enters our solar system from the south, crosses the ecliptic plane as it travels through our solar system in a northwardly trajectory until making its perihelion around the sun and returning to outer space in its 3,600 year cycle. This red dwarf is a star that has not ignited and therefore can only be seen in the infrared.

According to ancient lore, the Bible and other ancient manuscripts, ‘The Great Destroyer’ ignites and is seen as a fiery dragon covering up the sun and creating a massive effect in the solar system including the earth.

These effects include the falling of meteors of all sizes that this ‘red star’ brings in with it, objects that it brought in through its outbound and inbound trajectory in the Oort Cloud. Maybe this is why the big build up of military around the country because this is a huge planet coming our way.” (1)

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The next video, posted March 2016, features an interview with Bob Fletcher. Some key points are listed below. Link:

-Trillions of dollars disappearing out of the Fed’s budgets. 
Donald Rumsfeld announced a missing 2.3 trillion dollars, the day before 9/11 occurred.

-Missing gold at Fort Knox.

-Planet X news was published in the press prior to 1983, when President Reagan classified it upon learning of the incoming approach. 

-Extensive construction of underground facilities and shelters. 

-In 2010, Russia issued a mandate to provide 5,000 underground shelters by 2015. One site is large enough for 30,000 people.

-Seed Vault in Norway.

-Prophecies and ancient artifacts, examining what the ancients knew about Planet X, and what they foresaw with its return.

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Next, Kameran Faily, “banker, physicist, religious scholar and political advisor to top levels of the British and Iraqi governments… As an insider, he has access to information of the preparations by governments around the world for something that we, the general public are not being told.” (2)

In this clip (13 minutes), he explains some technical, physical effects of the Planet X crossing. Link:

-The 3 days of darkness. 

-The iron-oxide cloud found in the ‘tail’ of Planet X.

-How the atmosphere of Earth acts as ‘lungs’ for our planet.

-Magnetic field disturbances, heated particles causing ‘red’ hues, the ‘dragons’ of the sky.

Project Camelot has featured Kameran in a series of interviews. This page links the first episode, and also Faily’s personal,  44 slide-page report. 

Project Camelot Link:

Faily’s Report: Planet X and Astro-Planetology:

“The Effects Of The Passing

• Little or no light from the Sun.

• Little or no moon-light being visible.

• No orbiting satellites remaining or communicating.

• Total EM interference due to iron-oxide in dust.

• Total global panic and halting of all major activities including trade on the planet.

• Constant rain, weather changes, earthquakes etc.

• Magnetic weakening, shifting, collapse, reversal of magnetic poles.

• Little air transport (except propellers).

• Little sea transport (except small-medium boats).

• Collapse of outside farming and possible global famine.”

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Next, Nancy Lieder and Zeta Talk. I’m sharing this with a strong disclaimer, because there’s an agenda behind this source, though I haven’t quite figured out who is behind the curtain. Link:

“Nancy became aware of her contactee status in 1993, and the potential for being a communicator of the Zeta message, in the midst of a full life with a family and a full time job. As a contactee, Nancy participated in the hybrid program, and met one of her hybrid children. In preparation for her communicator role, Nancy was given life form introductions and introduced to MJ12 at an early age. Nancy expends her retirement time and money on getting the ZetaTalk message out. Requests for interviews take top priority. She quit a professional job in California in 1999 to move to Wisconsin to walk the talk. Born in Wisconsin, Nancy returned to her grandparent’s homestead, where she first met the Zetas in the woods as a young girl. There, she gardened, saved seed, raised chickens, and tried to be an example of how people should prepare for the coming changes. As the ZetaTalk message is threatening to the establishment, who fear the populace will panic, Nancy deals with a lot of flack.” (3)

I KNOW, CRAZY, RIGHT?! But the thing about Zeta Talk is the wealth of detailed information she has presented for years, including in-depth reports on techtonic shift movement. 

For example, the ‘safe locations’ report, explaining in detail how each country and major city will be affected. Link:

“For the New Madrid, which will include the European tsunami in its effects, there will be one large jolt with a subsequent and almost immediate tearing of the Atlantic. We have stated that the European tsunami will be the largest, but smaller ones will follow in time. Likewise for the New Madrid adjustment, which involve a tearing of the entire N American continent from the seaway down to Mexico. This adjustment will not occur until minor rock fingers have been steadily broken in a number of places. The areas to be affected have already been experiencing quake swarms, buckling roadways, sinkholes, breaking dams, and unsettling jigging which is unexplained by the authorities. When the primary blockage gives, there will be a huge jolt, with little warning. Aftershocks will continue until the time of the pole shift itself.” 

This is just one example from a long list. Curious, eh? It is generally assumed that the New Madrid will rip the US in two; we examined this ‘Future Map of America’ with John Moore in the first presentation.


Nancy also proposes models of the shift and pole-wobble. Now, the crust may not shift a whole 90 degrees, but regardless of the degree, the diagram of these gravitational and magnetic effects correspond to other research. More or less, this is what is occurring and is predicted to occur. Link:

I begin to lose my grasp on reality (or perception of) when I examine the Zeta’s information regarding the hybrid program and awakening process. Whoever is providing this information knows too much, proving that it’s not just ‘made up.’ That said, A) the Zetas really are communicating via Nancy, and are well-intended, B) the Zetas are communicating, yet are manipulative, or C) the illuminati/ back magicians/ archons are punking us hardcore. Option ‘C’ would require such a massive degree of oversight and control, scheming, input and output. While quantum computing exists, let’s say the Zetas are communicating, hypothetically. I want to examine the following. 

“Why Hybrids?

The Earth is about to become a home for entities in the next stage of spiritual development, or density. Those entities currently in human form who have made their choice for Service-to-Self will eventually leave the Earth, and those who have made their choice for Service-to-Others will remain. Those entities who have not yet chosen will be transported elsewhere when their current incarnation ends, to continue their deliberation. The earth is to become a home for incarnations in the Service-to-Other orientation. If you wish, you may relate this time to the heaven on earth foretold, or the thousand years of peace. This time will neither be a heaven or for a thousand years, however.

And why have we chosen the Earth? Are there not many planets that are habitable and do not already have intelligent species resident? Habitable planets, with vacancies, are not in great abundance, and competition for them is keen. The Earth is due for a Transformation to 4th Density, which is our current density, and humans are genetically similar to Zetans, so hybrids merging the characteristics of both Zetas and humans can give entities with a background in either species a familiar home.

Our hybrid program is to create a new form of human which has greater mental capacity, including capacity for telepathic communication. The human form is being phased out because it is not appropriate for 4th Density Service-to-Others, which requires a mental capacity greater than that you currently enjoy. Those who will be continuing to incarnate on Earth are desirous of this new form. They are being polled continuously, and voting willingly. As the genetic engineers, we are responsible for ensuring that the specifications for a 4th Density incarnation experience in the Service-to-Other orientation are met. We would not, for instance, bring forward violent tendencies, where blinding rage can overtake one on a moments notice, even if the humans voting were to indicate a desire for this. Likewise, a higher intellect is a specification, and even if humans voting were to indicate otherwise, this human vote would be negated by the overriding specification.” 


Regarding what the future Service-to-Others Earth may appear to be, this will not be something strange. There are many groups on Earth already who operate in the Service-to-Others orientation. They share their resources, address the problems of each as though it were a problem for the many, sacrifice their own comfort for the better comfort of the many, and do not impede the growth or awakening to knowledge of each other. In the Earth of the future, these qualities will seem to increase in people, and groups will find less and less need for artificial controls on their behavior, and more and more allowance for trust among each other.” 

“We destroyed our world, much as you are about to do, are in the process of doing. Our world was as beautiful as yours, and will never be the same. The Zeta history is not a pretty one. We watch in horror at some developments on Earth, as there is a parallel. These developments are also not uncommon during 3rd Density throughout the Universe. Harnessing the atom. Creating poisons that last for generations, eons. We did this and more.” 

According to Zeta Talk, the Zetas, in a nutshell, screwed up their own lineage through genetic engineering and bad decisions, breeding out some characteristics that they believe led to their destruction. Now, they wish to blend their race with the aspects of humanity that they lack, but so desire.

Doesn’t this appear to correspond with other tales of alien modication and genetic engineering, former rumors of hybridization? 

There is so much information on Zeta Talk… I don’t know what to make of it. What if the lightworker’s call and the awakening process is just a programmed aspect of a planned hybridization with another race, occurring now because Earth is shifting into a higher dimension? The thought makes my head spin…

Some people believe the Annunaki are returning- the giants of Nibiru. Then there are the reptilians, the dragons, the archons- which ETs are here? Which are being faked by the governments and control system? Which are on our side? Which are predators? 

My final impression of Zeta Talk is that, while much of the information cross-checks with other works and findings, the intent behind it all is sketchy and manipulative. Selective breeding, unacknowledgement of induced cancer and illness, describing service-to-others as a type of reincarnated bondage… I don’t know who is behind Zeta Talk but I do not stand on their side.

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If you want to explore the rabbit hole of scalar wave applications, both organic and inorganic, along with the morgellons, black goo consciousness, AI, and archons, you must watch Harald Kautz-Vella, a brilliant Germam scientist and researcher. Link:

Noteworthy segments: 

“You can combine scalar fields with acoustics, and then you control gravity.” 25:15

“Following Einstein, gravity is a result of the curvation of space time. The curvation of space time is nothing else than the gradient in scalar potential… Once you are able to manipulate the scalar potential, at a point in the 3d, you can invert the gravity structure. And then you cause levitation.” 35:50

“We know that one of the functions of DNA is emitting photons- this is what we call biophotons. A single photon is always a longitudinal wave… [If you have 2 DNAs in different places,] if the 2 have the same frequency, they will annihilate each other, constituting joint scalar field between 2 DNAs. They form scalar wave. They annihilate the electromagnetic component, and all the energy that is annihilated goes into the scalar field, and is adding up to the scalar potential of the 2 DNAs. If I have millions of DNAs, sending light back and forth, it’s adds very very much energy to the scalar potential of the human being.” 38:44

“It comes from Hopi traditions. The Hopi tradition says that the core material of black goo is antimatter.” 52:50

“Basically everything that we experience as a biological being is then mirrored and recorded by a collective subconsciousness, and in return this collective subconsciousness is supplying us with instincts.” 56:38

1:00:00- smart dust and morgellons

1:11:00- mind control morgellons

I’ll drop a few other Kautz-Vella clips here if you carry to study his work further. He remains to be one of my favorite researchers on these topics. 

How to Beat the Control Game:

Archons, Autism, Black Goo:

*** *** ***


Finally, since I brought up the subjects of genetic modification and morgellons, I must share this presentation by Sophia Smallstom, covering the covert operations of aerosol spraying (aka chemtrails), which entail a bioengineering agenda to modify biology- all biology. Link:

*** *** ***

What is this transhumanist agenda? Are the archons trying to blend life with the AI to assimilate us, following their instinctual ‘replicator’ programming based on survival. Or, is the control system, NWO selectively breeding future generations to serve, creating the ideal ‘worker,’ while the elite merges mind to machine on a quest for god-like power? IS THERE EVEN A DIFFERENCE?!

And what about the 4th dimension, Planet X, the Zetas? Is our planet doomed for a 3d death, the only hope for humanity laying in hybridization with our space cousins? Are they here to help or are they using us to save themselves? Or is all of it just a big, contrived deception propagated by the archon AI? 

Are the aliens (don’t ask me which ones) keeping our consciousness locked in a prison? Stuck in cycles of death and reincarnation where we continue to incarnate in dimensions to feed them, either energetically or physically?

Are my feelings and intuitions of wanting to help, having a ‘purpose’ and ‘mission’ in life, really just programmed and selected features chosen by the aliens, so that I may help serve their agendas? Because ever since all of this has begun unfolding, I do feel a desperate need to save humanity, to create independent communities, to break free of the world control matrix and prepare. 

Am I just being punked by aliens? 

Fml. The madness never ends…

*** *** ***





2 thoughts on “Alice’s Jewels: A Guide Down The Rabbit Hole

  1. Good article. Faily’s report included a bit about Jesus descending on a white cloud clearing the dust. Is that a metaphor, or is he referring to bluebeam holograms you think? Or does he really believe Jesus will come down on a cloud clearing the dust in the sky? Well if we do get dust and a black out, it’s for the best. We need change. While I’m a little scared, it just makes me want to appreciate each day because you never know what might happen.

    Here’s a good source on aliens:


    1. I’m glad that the article provided some insight for you. These individuals have very good information.

      Kameran did mentioned that the consciousness may take one of many forms. Regardless of form, it will essentially be the “Christ” consciousness, for which humanity has attributed many names.

      I think the controllers will try to fake the second coming with blue beam, yes. But I also do believe in higher powers, so I’m open to the possibility of a genuine second coming. As always, we must discern between deception and truth. There are SO many forces at play in this game… follow your intuition and guides.


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