March Madness and Me

My birthday is in seven days. How much one’s life can change in a single year…

Last March, I threw myself a party, as I had always dreamed of hosting a magical soirée filled with good friends and performances. So, I did. I called it The Boss-A-Nova Ball. We wore costumes, danced to old school hip-hop (ok it was just me dancing but w/e), admired some lovely guest burlesque pieces, and I got a lap dance and a dick cake. Because I am a silly bitch. 


Fast forward one year, and I find myself wondering how much longer I must remain on this rock. I used to worry about finding time to stretch and train, choreography, perfecting my skills and striving ever-so-ardently to be the best bendy babe I could be. I didn’t do it for attention; I was a circus gypsy out of love. My physical being oozes art and creative weirdness. If I’m not being weird and creative, I’m not breathing. 

(Me being weird and creative in 2011. See I’m already prepped for the zombie apocalypse!) 

Hence my slow and progressive death. There is no oxygen anymore. Everything has been turned upside down and nothing makes sense yet it all makes sense. When you let go of everything you think you know, only then will you begin to see. 

Lately I’ve been debating as to whether I should move to a small island with volcanoes on a fault line, or whether I should move inland towards the Andes near fresh water. Because, you know, being simultaneously taken out by an earthquake-tsunami-meteor-eruption is epic. What a way to go.

Realistically, the Universe has dragged me through Hell to warn the rest of you. I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news. I want to be the glitter ninja of the night. But I’ve been thrown into this hot mess because, well, I am one myself. My borders of reality have never really existed. I just always pursued that which is noble and not deathly boring. So throw me some Planet X, angels and demons, aliens, archons, a fight for humanity and battle for souls, and I’m like, letme lace up my apocalypse boots.  

I must warn the good common folk of the trials and tribulations to pass. It’s already begun, and is escalating rapidly. If you haven’t been following the skies, or if your view is obscured by chemtrails, you may not have noticed the irregular sun and moon cycles. Or that fact that the sun has morphed into a giant ball of white hot plasma.  

And you probably haven’t seen the other objects, belonging to the incoming binary star system, whose dwarf star is a twin to our sun. Included in the extended family are multiple (6-7?) planets and moons, the largest being Planet X, estimated to be 10x more massive than Earth.  

(objects photographed near the sun during the solar eclipse on March 9th)

They are beginning to leak information. For example, from March 24, 2016, 

“Earth Is About To Pass Through The Tail Of Halley’s Comet, Giving Us A Month Of Meteor Showers

The shower will be more visible in the southern hemisphere. However, those in the northern hemisphere should be able to catch the odd one, especially if you’re near the equator. At their peak time, those in the southern hemisphere can expect to see up to 30 meteors every hour. If weather conditions are favorable, even those north of the equator can still see up to 10 every hour. (

Aside from the fact that a month-long meteor shower with 10-30 meteorites visible per hour is, well, nuts! I also call BULLSHIT on Halley’s Comet. These meteors are obviously part of the Planet X system debris cloud, but in case you have any doubts: 

I’m pretty sure we haven’t reached 2061. Damn, they are getting sloppy with their cover ups…

Next, I strongly advise you to catch up on Steve Olson’s WSO-Wormwood System Observations- channel on YouTube. A subscriber-driven research project documenting and tracking the phenomena, we have captured startling footage from sky cams and submissions throughout the world. 

Steve has also begun to interview guests who have both studied Planet X and who also offer inside information. 

In his most recent interview, Eric Briggs, a Senatorial investigator, tells of disclosing his Planet X research to the house, only to have been interrupted by a woman who stated, in essence, “Yes, we already know! We expect 3/4 of the population to die, either through coastal disasters or dehydration within 3 days of the event.” When confronted about being charged for withholding this information, she remarked that she would be safely tucked away in her bunker. (

The interview continues to discuss how the US lost the war of 1812 against Britain, and the Treaty of Ghent can not be accessed. Meaning, ever since, we have been Britain’s bitches. Did you know all our presidents are related? That there is a royal bloodline that traces back to the King? There is no vote, it’s all a puppet show because our leaders are selected. Our wars are fought to gain more control and conquest for her majesty. We set up a centralized Rothschild bank in every nation we topple. All in the name of a war on terror? Please, the US is pimped by the palace, like chesspieces to support the Queen. 


But getting back to Planet X… from Wiki, for “doomsday clock,”

“The Doomsday Clock is a symbolic clock face, representing a countdown to possible global catastrophe (e.g. nuclear war or climate change). It has been maintained since 1947 by the members of the Science and Security Board of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists,[1] who are in turn advised by the Governing Board and the Board of Sponsors, including 18 Nobel Laureates. The closer they set the Clock to midnight, the closer the scientists believe the world is to global disaster.

Originally, the Clock, which hangs on a wall in the Bulletin’s office in the University of Chicago,[2] represented an analogy for the threat of global nuclear war; however, since 2007 it has also reflected climate change[3] and new developments in the life sciences and technology that could inflict irrevocable harm to humanity.[4] The most recent officially announced setting—three minutes to midnight (23:57)—was made in January 2015 due to “[un]checked climate change, global nuclear weapons modernizations, and outsized nuclear weapons arsenals”.[5] This setting was retained in January 2016.[6]”

So, when seven volcanoes are simultaneously erupting in 6 different places, are we now 2 minutes to midnight? 


Check out this ash cloud from Indonesia. Is God about to sucker punch the village of Mount Sinabung or what?!  


More recent pictures because we all like to see crazy shit:



Second sun, spacial objects, red dust, sun halos… 

If you haven’t read my former posts, I advise you, dear readers, to please take a gander. 

Why Planet X Is Making Me Fat

Alice’s Jewel’s: A Guide Down The Rabbit Hole 

I have curated some excellent information and sources on this topic, including detailed presentations and lectures of the predicted consequences and safe locations. Why is it important to move inland, away from the coasts? Why is it advised to seek high elevation? Check out John Moore in particular to learn the Navy’s inside scoop. 

I feel it in my bones and I haven’t been wrong yet. If I complete my mission, sheparding the good people to safety, shining a light for the lost, a Sailor Moon scout of truth and justice, maybe after all of that I may be reborn as the bendy ballerina I’m supposed to be. Art as my oxygen and harmony in my blood. 


Kara Nova

24 March 2016



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