The Devil’s In The Details

Everyone is wondering why the world is going to Hell. Why is everything falling apart? Why is Trump a serious presidential candidate? Why are we still at war? Why is there so much poison everywhere, in everything, in the food and the water and the air? How can we fund the military before funding education? Why do we send money and resources overseas before taking care of our own? 


Why are there so many lies and deceptions? Why is alternative health suppressed by the pharmaceutical industry? Why do they propagate cancer? Why is gentrification such a huge problem? Why is rent $5000? Why do people sign up for the tech apocalypse? Why do people choose to outsource human experience with apps? 

Why are people so cold, heartless, and, at times, purely evil? 

Just because we live in “modern times,” doesn’t mean the forces that mankind have written of for centuries do not exist. To the contrary, there are spirits, energies, and entities. Throughout the ages, they’ve been known by many names. The dark ones have been called demons, archons, jinn- bad spirits and shadows- who serve a corrupted demiurge, the gnostic name for the consciousness of the material realm, antagonist to the spiritual world. 

“In its pure and original form, the universal Demiurge was a thoughtform generated by God. Its programmed function was to fashion the physical universe according to the divine thoughts and energies animating it…

There is just one problem. As mentioned, the soul is corruptible and thoughtforms can become entitized and imbued with negative astral passions. The Demiurge, despite being inherently neutral or even benevolent in its original design, is likewise corruptible and can become negatively entitized. Such entitized thoughtforms have a self-preservation instinct. Hence, the corrupted Demiurge (World Ego) does all it can to preserve itself by cultivating more of the negative energies that sustain it.

The root word of “matrix” is “mater” which is Latin for “mother.” Our matrix reality is not inherently evil, it is simply the environment in which we are immersed. It is like a mother providing the womb containing the nutrient matrix and forces needed to turn genetic potential into a living human. Likewise the universal Demiurge provides physicality as a “matrix reality” originally intended to nurture our spiritual evolution.

However, a corrupted and personified Demiurge is like a psychopathic, narcissistic, jealous mother who feeds parasitically upon her offspring. She goes so far as to use her womb as an energy farm instead of an incubator of incarnated spirit. It is no longer a matrix of growth, but a Matrix Control System.

Thus, a corrupt Demiurge, personified, functions as a universal parasite: tyrannical, demonic, blindly driven by negative instinct. It would attempt to shape the course of the universe along lines that engender greater negativity, division, oppression, and whatever else it feeds upon.” (

The expression of our physical reality has been hacked, and there are demons here, who walk among us. No, you’re not going to see a mutant monster on the street; these beings are energetic, lacking physical form. Sure, you may be quick to dismiss this fact, but ask yourself, how many times have you wondered how a person could be so cruel, lacking empathy or emotion? Why are some people just so bad and seemingly evil? 

Well, the simplest answer is usually the right one. There are demons here. People are possessed by them. This is why we’re on a highway to Hell.

In classic tradition, the devil usually gains control of a soul through a contract. Typically, a person signs away his soul in exchange for material rewards or power over fellow men. How many times have you wondered, why are people in power, in government and corporations, just so incredibly evil? Well duh, they sold their souls.

You may be thinking, well, I would never! I’m not a sell-out. Unfortunately, my friend, the devil dons many disguises. How many times have you signed a contract or agreed to something that fell against your intuition and better judgement? “Oh but, I have to do this…” Really? You really have to commit your word (and soul) to something against your judgement? “Well, yeah… because…” Insert infinite excuses involving money, jobs, taxes, responsibilities, laws, etc. 

The archons have punked us into accepting their corrupted, false matrix as reality. We’ve been conditioned to believe the matrix laws, the laws of men, are supreme and to be upheld. Considering that the seats of power, who create the laws of men, have been usurped by demons,… the laws are bullshit. You don’t have to follow any of them, because the only true laws are those of Natural Law, the Universal Law. These laws do exist, regardless of the human species. 

You wonder why the world is so fucked up? The answer is not complicated. The human species has consented to live under a demonic matrix of fabricated law and order, while completely neglecting the Universal Laws of life itself. 

The Universe doesn’t give a shit about which corrupt politician is going to be selected as the next puppet-master. The Universe doesn’t care if you’re a democrat, republican, if you’re a Catholic or Muslim or Jew. The Universe doesn’t give a shit how big, or small, or nonexistent your home is, or how much you paid for said home. The Universe doesn’t care how many pieces of paper, or digital digits, you accumulate in exchange for your time or services. The Universe doesn’t get money, at all. The Universe looks at cash with furrowed brows and asks, “Wtf is this shit? I’ve given you an abundance of anything and everything you could possibly need or want… and you fools are playing Monopoly?”  


Yeah, the Universe is disappointed. 

Sometimes people like to argue, “Oh, but, we need laws and order because, humanity is inherently evil and we would all just fight and pillage if there were no rules!” Firstly, humanity is not inherently evil; we’ve been deceived into believing this, when in fact, a conscious human embodies an incredible amount of empathy and respect for all life. It’s the psychopathic, possessed punks who lack empathy and run around like bullies with BB guns, shooting everything in sight.  

What do humans really want? They wish for peace, to live safely with friends and family. They wish for enough- not an excess- but enough to provide for themselves and their families. The basic necessities, and some degrees of comfort. We want enough to live, without suffering. And we want freedom- to express our own dreams, ideas, and passions, serving as conscious creators within our malleable reality. We wish to learn, to grow, and to evolve.

So why have we relinquished these powers to others, who dictate our realities? Those who control the resources, an iron-clad first upon the basic necessities. Banishing the imagination and striving to transform the creative mind into one of dull, unquestionable obedience. A quest to change us all into subservient, docile automatons, addicted to our poisons, as we rush to be first in line for the prisons which we unknowingly co-create.

Unknowingly because, we have been deceived. We believe the “experts,” the “doctors,” the “scientists,” and the esteemed “professionals.” This lot contains the most controlled and backwards of the bunch! When will we, as a society, begin to realize that taking candy from strangers is always a bad idea? “Oh, but, he has a PhD. The official studies say this, the peer review says that. The agencies have confirmed…” Yeah… the devil wears many disguises…

Like a victim of physical and mental assault, we’ve been fucked too many times and told to like it. Some of us can’t even feel, anymore, because we’re too checked out. Maybe it’s the drugs, or maybe it’s the stress. Maybe, you’ve even thought before, “It’s me, there’s something wrong with me.” To quote Dave Chappelle, 

“The worst thing to call somebody is crazy. It’s dismissive. “I don’t understand this person. So they’re crazy.” That’s bullshit. These people are not crazy. They strong people. Maybe their environment is a little sick.”

There’s nothing wrong with you. We’re just living under an oppressive matrix of lies and deceptions, controlled by demonic entities who wish to vampire our life force and steal our souls. It’s really quite simple. 

Every time you “play into” their system, you feed their dark energy. Every time you don’t speak up or follow your intuition, you feed the demons. When you walk by wrongs and turn away from injustice, you feed demons. When you know better, but still say to yourself, “Oh, this one little thing won’t hurt…” You’re feeding demons. Hypocrisy and inaction feeds demons. Supporting bad companies, bad people, bad ideas, and bad choices- it all feeds demons.

Even physics teaches us this! The conservation of energy states that energy is neither created nor destroyed, for all energy is either transferred or conserved. When you make a bad choice or agree to something immoral- even through silent consent- you are literally transferring your energy to demons. All emotions and thoughts- in fact, everything in the Universe- is energy. And we’re creating a demon feast through our participation in this Luciferian labyrinth. 


So how do we take back our energy and reclaim our power? First, we must QUESTION EVERYTHING. Stop believing what the systems tells you to believe because, they’re lying. Do your own research and homework, engage others in discussion and debate, and don’t ever, ever be afraid to think differently or speak against the majority. We must stand up against tyranny.  

Secondly, just stop participating and contributing to the bullshit. Withdrawal your consent, fight, stand up for yourself and for others. You’ll get hit with a ton of backlash bullshit but I never said revolution and freedom from oppression would be easy.

They keep us pacified and content with luxuries and comforts. Be prepared to lose everything during a battle for your soul. They keep us dependent, in debt, timid and fearful. They threaten us, threaten to take what they had formerly given. I say, to Hell with it all! Do not be disillusioned by the sandcastles they have built. One strong wave and it will all come crashing down. Value yourself, your knowledge, skills, talents, imagination. Value your heart, your spirit. Value- and forever, protect– your soul. 

You will learn that, when you withdrawal consent from demons, and align with Natural Law, the Universe becomes your ally. She welcomes you, asking what took you so long to come home? The Universe takes care of her own. She believes in morality and balance- the harmonic sound of existence itself. Align yourself with the Universe, and find a great ally in the fight for the light. Shadows have run amuck here for far too long, and Karma will be swift and sweet.  

Your energy is infinite, now and forever. Create the world YOU WANT- no one will do it for you. Stop feeding your energy to the archons and, above all, stop being punked by demons. 

Both Heaven and Hell are already on Earth. The timelines exist simultaneously. The CHOICE is yours. 

We all have free will. Use it.

Kara Nova
30 March 2016



One thought on “The Devil’s In The Details

  1. I love your article….One of the tools most used by these forces is fear. It disconnects us from our higher guidance and intuition, makes it difficult for us to stay grounded and centered enough to even begin to really evaluate the situation and in many cases leaves us depressed, hopeless and powerless.

    The more we can strengthen and balance our own energy the less we are affected, AND we are also then not feeding more into this huge blanket of fear around the planet.

    This is a subject that’s near and dear to my heart because as am empath I found it nearly impossible to maintain against this energy and the forces who would like us to just give up, despite learning a lot of techniques I was still very very vulnerable and open until I actually found something that changed my life

    I am not writing here to sell anyone anything, or to convince you of anything, but simply to share that there are some options you might explore to protect your emotional and energetic freedom…whether it’s a Bioshield, a combination of crystals and gemstones or something else you find that works for you, you owe it to yourself and the world to find a way to maintain your sovereignty, balance, and peace.

    I was recently at a spiritual conference and was appalled at the number of people who were spreading fear based ideas and not offering any way to shift that for yourself. I was sitting next to a woman, who simply absorbed all the things they were saying as if it were true. One statement really shook me “but gee, the person who said that…. is a 5th-dimensional being, so it must be true. Right?” NO, all the 5th-dimensional beings I know, don’t need to tell people that they are 5th-dimensional beings, they just let people figure it out for themselves.

    Anytime you find someone telling you all the things you should be afraid of without offering some empowering options…question, question, question.


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